Coming Soon: Smart Car for 5

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With its unique compact design, exchangeable body panels and excellent gas mileage, the Smart ForTwo stands out. However, the Smart ForTwo isn’t practical those of us with families. Luckily, Smart USA will be building a five-passenger car to suit those needs.

Penske Automotive Group recently announced they will be teaming up with Nissan Motor Company to create a four-door hatchback Smart vehicle. Very few details, including the name of the new car, have been released, but it is expected to hit Nebraska showrooms in late 2011. 

The design is yet to be seen, but it’s speculated the 5-passenger Smart car will be based on the Nissan Micra.  It’s expected to be around 12-feet long, four feet longer than the Smart ForTwo, and will be classified as a subcompact vehicle.

The five-passenger Smart will most likely be produced in Mexico and will be sold solely in the U.S. It will be gas-powered and available in both a manual and automatic transmission. Speculators say Penske is targeting a $12,000 base price.
The Smart ForTwo car has dropped in popularity over the past year because of lower gas prices and people’s needs for larger vehicles. Smart USA hopes the five-door Smart will interest more people in Smart vehicles again.

Smart USA is keeping this project under wraps right now, but they are encouraging you to check out the website at regularly for more details about this exciting new Smart car.

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