Car Seat Safety Tips

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Child safety is always a parents number one concern, so its no wonder so many parents are always concerned about their child’s safety while in the car, and for good reason, automobile accidents are the number-one killer of children under 14. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that as many as 80 percent of all car seats are improperly installed and used.

At Performance Automotive we want to keep your family safe while driving so we would like to share these tips on how to properly install a child’s car seat so your child is as safe as possible while riding in the vehicle.

  1. First and most importantly, one seat does not fit all, car seats are designed for age, height, and weight, make sure that you purchase and install the correct car seat for your child’s weight and age.
  2. Always put the car seat in the backseat of your vehicle. Car seats should never be put in the front unless the passenger seat airbag can be deactivated, and only do this if you have no backseat.
  3. Always read both your vehicle’s and your car seat’s installation instructions, your vehicle’s installation instructions will be the most dependable instructions so use those if you can.
  4. Once your car seat is installed, see if you can move the seat around, if the seat moves a lot, the seat is installed incorrectly. If the seat uses the car’s seat belt make sure the belt in locked and as tight as it can be. Put your body’s weight on the seat and pull the belt tight.

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